Amicapp is a mobile application that enables users to record and report a car accident via their smartphone or tablet, just in 5 minutes.
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About Amicapp

With more than 500.000 claim reports per year in Greece, Amicapp aims to minimize the hassle involved in the plain-old accident recording procedure. #The_Amicapp_Way utilizes your smartphones potential to fully describe every parameter involved in the accident scene and guides you through the submission of an electronic claims report whose state can be monitored later on. Be prepared, be equipped with the right tool. Try #The_Amicapp_way today.

App Features


Using your typical smartphone features Amicapp will guide you step by step in order to complete and submit your accident report to the insurance company. The whole procedure takes only five minutes. Try the easy, safe innovative way. Try #The_Amicapp_Way.

Share your information

Amicapp provides you a series of intuitive features while you fill out your report. Avoid the time consuming procedure of exchanging personal details with other implemented parties by just scanning a QR code or use NFC technology.

Personal Assistant

In case of a car accident search through Amicapp for the nearest Car-garage, get directions on your map and an extra discount will be available.

Web Platform

Log-in on Amicapp's web platform, in order to track the progress of your accident report from the insurance companies. Documentation of your accident is always available in electronic format for downloading or printing.

“Safer Roads” Project

Making roads safer, is one of Amicapp’s visions. In collaboration with national Road safety institutes, an initiative that aims to reduce accidents has been designed from Amicapp’s team. Become a supporter of the project “Safer Roads” by submitting your accident report via Amicapp.

Application Points

Amicapp enables you to record and immediately report a car accident, through a smartphone or a tablet, following 4 simple and distinct steps.

Personal Information
Location of the accident using GPS
Describe the conditions of the accident
Use multimedia to enrich your report

Insurance Companies


  • Utilize the modern and compact dashboard and get real time updates of the claims involving your company.
  • Single out claims that appear sketchy via our data mining processes.
  • Get in touch with your clients rapidly using our mobile notification module.
  • Create unique reports from the total of the cases that Amicapp handles.

Our Supporters

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